Need Higher Reimbursements Without More Overhead?

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Source: Wakefield
May 26, 2024

Keep Your Billing Team, Add Collect Rx

This is the key to generating more money without needing to add more staff, patients, or procedures! Don’t believe us? Read on!

You may be wondering: “If I already have a billing team, why do we need you?

And we love that question! We know your billing team is going above & beyond. We don’t take away any of their responsibilities, or credibility!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation

Here’s what typically happens:

Your billing team is managing hundreds, or even thousands of claims at any given time. Their job is to get claims out the door so you get paid.

But what happens to claims that weeks or months later are realized to be severely underpaid or re-priced at a significantly lower amount?

There’s no current process in place for any billing team to handle these issues.

Our sole purpose is to be your safety net. We are dedicated to finding you additional money on out-of-network claims while alleviating the hassle of your team dealing with the payors. They have enough to focus on as it is!

The worst that could happen is realizing your billing team has recovered every cent from every claim, at which point you wouldn’t pay us anything!

The best thing that could happen is finding you thousands, if not millions of dollars in claims that you didn’t have before!

Both are GREAT outcomes, with ZERO risk to you!