Revenue Cycle Management & Extended Services

Revenue cycle is a tedious but necessary process in healthcare, especially when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of claims. From coding and billing to A/R management and insightful data reports, we deliver confidence and certainty in the performance of your revenue cycle with technology, automation, and strategic management. But the revenue cycle doesn't stop there. Check out our other services to get everything you need!


Outsourced Billing & AR Follow-Up

We don't just bill & collect. We analyze & optimize! Our automated workflow technology reduces human error by identifying the exceptions to each of your claim encounters, resulting in the improved financial health of your organization.

Legacy Conversion & AR Clean-Up

Going through a system conversion? Wakefield will eliminate the fear of a reduction in current collections and allow your staff to focus on learning the new system. Falling behind on receivables? Wakefield will tailor special AR clean-up projects to fit your specific needs.


Complex & Denied Claims

Wakefield’s programs for complex and denied claims offer hospitals and health systems a collaborative solution for addressing non-traditional payer issues across various disciplines. These include Out-of-State Medicaid, Workers' Compensation, Third-Party Liability, Motor Vehicle Accident, Veteran's Affairs claims, and a wide range of denied health.

Out-of-Network Claims Recovery

Are you tired of leaving money on the table due to unpaid out-of-network claims with Aetna, Cigna, or UnitedHealthcare? Wakefield is here to help you maximize your reimbursement potential by recovering the full value of your services. With extensive knowledge of payer strategies and cutting-edge technology we have developed a unique approach that works alongside your billing team to optimize the highest out-of-network payments.


Self-Pay & Customer Service

Designed to contact patients early in the A/R cycle using a courteous and consultative approach to help patients find a way to pay their bill. We become an extension of our Client’s mission, vision, and values in all interactions with your employees and patients. During this process, we monitor metrics such as aging, payer mix, productivity, account status, and collection rates. This information is used to direct staff in areas of opportunity in order to maximize collection rates.

Bad Debt & Purchasing Debt

Many clients utilize us as a first and second placement option. Our customer aligned approach has resulted in market-leading recovery percentages.

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