Revenue Cycle Management & Extended Services

Revenue cycle is a tedious but necessary process in healthcare, especially when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of claims. From coding and billing to A/R management and insightful data reports, we deliver confidence and certainty in the performance of your revenue cycle with technology, automation, and strategic management. But the revenue cycle doesn't stop there. Check out our other services to get everything you need!

Extended Business Office

With quick implementation, minimal IT assistance, and low cost, we work directly in your system for your short- or long-term needs. We integrate with outbound communication attempts and can build new, more enhanced workflows as needed. We provide focused efforts on any part of the revenue cycle operation or staffing needs!

Legacy AR

Outsourcing accounts from your legacy system can provide a clean start, allowing your staff to focus on learning the new system. Special Projects can be tailored to your specific needs

Remote AR Staffing

Our experienced staff can step in on short notice to help backfill for FMLA and turnover or work down a backlog of accounts. We have experience in most patient accounting systems and deploy quickly to assist in driving results.

Billing & AR Management

Our staff reviews claims that need to be appealed or were billed incorrectly to resolve any problems with the documentation in order to receive payment taking that burden off of the client.

Out-of-Network Claims & Collections

We offer a dedicated task force that can help you uncover thousands of dollars in new revenue by identifying underpayments & denials to be negotiated or appealed. No matter your claim type, Wakefield works across several payors to ensure that every claim is reviewed, denials and underpayments appealed, and the first & additional payments reconciled to ensure that you are getting all the payments you’re entitled to.

Complex Claims

Wakefield has the resources to handle this service line effectively and, in an attorney-driven environment by geographic and state region with a specialization in the related fee schedules and associated requirements.

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