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At Wakefield, our clients choose us because of our success at creating partnerships that work. Since our founding in 1946, our goal has been to understand our client’s needs and design a customized approach to satisfy them.

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Our mission at Wakefield is to be the most comprehensive and reputable revenue cycle management company of choice across the country. We consistently aim to deliver superior results, exceptional value and better outcomes to our clients, our colleagues, and our investors by helping patients navigate the road of financial health through patient-focused and personalized services.


Our vision at Wakefield is to provide our clients with comprehensive, best-in class revenue cycle management solutions that are both innovative and uniquely tailored to fit each client’s needs, while maintaining the highest degree of respect, fairness, trust, and integrity. These services will be balanced and reflect our compliance with regulatory requirements and the needs of our clients.

To guide us in fulfilling our mission, our colleagues at Wakefield & Associates strive to uphold core values that are consistent and closely aligned with those of our clients.
These values include:
1. Think Big
  1. Being one of the country’s leading revenue cycle management companies requires unrivaled vision, innovation, and execution. We never settle. We challenge our ideas of what’s possible to better meet the needs of our clients.
2. Trust and Integrity

2. It’s our core business practice to act with integrity. We earn the trust and respect of patients, our clients, our colleagues and our investors through transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance.

3. Client Success

3. When our clients succeed, we succeed. We innovate and expand our business offerings and service lines to provide all our stakeholders with new avenues to achieve even greater success.

4. Compassion

4. We are caring, compassionate, and driven to delivering a great patient and client experience through outstanding service and a desire for positive outcomes.

Our People, Process, and Technology philosophy ensures each client receives world-class service from our organization with efficient means of increasing exceptional results from your revenue cycle.
We employ more than 900 associates within 8 business offices across the nation that are ready to assist you and your practice!
We service more than:

350 Hospitals

1,200 ER & Physician Groups

200 ASCs

500 Ground & Air Medical Transport Facilities

220 Behavioral Health Centers

And So Many

Contact us today to learn how our services can benefit your practice needs.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Behavioral Health Providers

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Laboratories & Diagnostic Centers

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Emergency Medicine

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Physician Groups

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