Two Things Missing From Your Billing Process

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Two Major Tasks Your Billing Team Needs To Do
Source: Wakefield
May 26, 2024

Two Major Tasks Your Billing Team Needs To Do

But it’s not their fault if they aren’t. Let us explain…

Managing the revenue cycle looks something like this:


And of course, your billing team is doing an excellent job at that!

But somewhere between claim submission and reporting, there’s two critical things missing that NO billing team does:

  • Upfront Recovery

  • Post-Payment Recovery

Before we explain what those mean, first we need to explain why it’s not your billing team’s fault.

Reason #1

These two crucial services fall outside of the standard billing process. Again, NO billing company handles this. Collect Rx was founded because we were able to identify these issues within the revenue cycle and thus developed our recovery services.

Reason #2

The payors are purposely withholding money from you (up to the thousands, and even millions) and know that billing teams are too swamped in their day-to-day to fight back. Most billing teams don’t even know that it’s possible. If they do, they are unable to keep up with what we like to call the “payor go-around”. The payors will drag out appeals, or battle negotiations over weeks or months over a single reimbursement. No billing team has the time or resources to handle that.

There is a way…

We are the only company in the industry that have the resources to fight back on your behalf.

And the best part is? We work alongside your billing team! We are not a replacement for them – in fact, we need them to do our job right!

You can take advantage of the opportunities with out-of-network reimbursements to bring more dollars in the door with Collect Rx by your side.